Yusuf Baykal Bozkurt

Yusuf Baykal Bozkurt

Global Connector

Bridging Continents, Expanding Horizons

Strategic Visionary

Designing Futures, Leading Change

Leadership Catalyst

Elevating Teams, Inspiring Excellence

Digital Pioneer

Revolutionizing Business with Technology

Marketing Maestro

Strategizing Success, Engaging Audiences

Community Builder

Building Bonds, Enriching Communities







Yusuf Baykal Bozkurt



At the intersection of media, technology, and community building, my career has been dedicated to shaping powerful narratives and innovative strategies across the globe. From leading international newsrooms to consulting for top-tier organizations, each step has been marked by impactful leadership and visionary execution.



US State Dept. YLAI Fellow

As a fellow in the Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative by the U.S. Department of State, recognizing my leadership and my initiatives in fostering international cooperation and understanding.


Immigrant Enterpreneur of the year - Finalist

Nominated for the Canadian SME National Business Awards, presented by Google, acknowledging my significant contributions to Canada's business landscape as an innovative entrepreneur.


G20 YEA Canadian Delegate

Represented Canada at the G20 Young Entrepreneurs' Alliance, advocating for policies that enhance entrepreneurship and global innovation.


Became a Proud Canadian Ctizen

Achieved citizenship after beginning my journey in Canada as a language student, reflecting my deep commitment to integrating into and contributing to my new home country.


Beonbrand Inc. Launched

Founded Beonbrand Inc., specializing in content marketing and AI Labs, addressing the evolving needs of digital markets and revolutionizing engagement strategies.


ILAC Became Viral

Directed a campaign for ILAC that garnered over 50 million organic views following a $1.1 billion private equity investment, significantly boosting the brand's global presence.


Bachelor's in Political Science & Public Administration

Graduated from Anadolu University, equipping me with a robust foundation in governance and public policy that has informed my strategic insights.


ILAC Brand Journalist

Elevated ILAC’s digital narrative as a Content Creator, dramatically enhancing the brand’s digital footprint and audience engagement.


Moved to Canada

Relocated to Canada to study English at ILAC International Language School in Vancouver, marking the start of a significant new chapter in my professional and personal life.

2013 2015

True Crime Series - 78 episode

Investigated nightly crimes and morning police operations, growing the series to millions of subscribers through gripping storytelling

2012 2010

Bachelor's in Media and Communication

Earned my degree from Anadolu University’s Communication Faculty, laying the groundwork for a career in media and communication.

2013 2014

Broadcast Journalism & Speech Instructor

Served as a seasonal instructor at Beykent University, shaping the next generation of journalists and communicators.

2009 2016

News Anchor at Al Jazeera Turk - Cine5

Served as reporter, news announcer, anchor, and producer, delivering prime-time and nightly news to a diverse audience.

2007 2008

News Anchor - TVNET

Anchored overnight news, delivering hourly live updates from midnight to 7 AM.

2006 2007

News Voiceover for ATV

Voiced prime news segments watched by over 30 million daily, enhancing major news stories with impactful narration.

1999 2007

Dubbing Actor for TRT

Voiced cartoons and various projects from movies to documentaries, occasionally hosting my own radio show.


Transforming Challenges into Successes

Digital Humans - Beonbrand AI Labs AI/ML
Edfinity AI - Personalized Education AI/ML/NLP/VR/AR/IofT
Modular House - Prefabricated Housing Technology Illustration
Kalamazoo Innovation Hub US Department of States - YLAI Fellowship 2024
International Education Marketing Branding, Marketing, Content
Market Entry & Business Development Consultation, Partnership



Yusuf does amazing work. He learns about the brand and story tells it in video. He uses the latest technology and is a fast adopter of new technology. Also a tireless worker, he will get things done fast when needed. Starting as abrespected journalist in turkey i watched him pivot into a successful entrepreneur using many of those same skills while never stopping to learn. Now he has matured into a full service media company. Also, but not limited to a strong understanding of the international education space and student journey. I would say he is number one in the world for this sector.

Jonathan Kolber ILAC - Chairman/Co-Founder

Yusuf is a remarkable professional. I have known Yusuf for 3 years and I have seen first hand the different roles and responsibilities he has taken in digital and social media, content creation and video. He is the kind of person who consistently performs beyond expectations. He is very knowledgeable in media and great at building relationships. He can relate to a different stakeholders and anticipate their needs. Yusuf is creative, proactive problem solver. I am happy to provide my highest recommendation.

Diana Mockute Chief Partnerships Officer GUS Canada

Yusuf is the most enthusiastic, creative and dedicated professional I've worked with. He is always willing to keep learning, Yusuf has become the best Video Content Producer in the international education industry.

Oscar Blanco Head of International Sales - ILAC & ILAC IC

Yusuf founder of Beonbrand is a highly talented marketing professional that aims to provides his customers reach it audience in a meaning full way

Feroz ALI Executive Chairman | Asia Pacific Education Corporation

Yusuf is the most enthusiastic, creative and dedicated professional I've worked with. He is always willing to keep learning, Yusuf has become the best Video Content Producer in the international education industry.

Oscar Blanco Head of International Sales - ILAC & ILAC IC

Vision for


My forward-looking strategies that prepare businesses and communities for the challenges and opportunities ahead.