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Yusuf Baykal BOZKURT | Journalist, News Anchor, Reporter, Voiceover and Producer


News Anchor, TV Reporter, dubbing and voice-over actor, journalist Yusuf Baykal Bozkurt, he was born in Turkey on May 20th.

At age 7, he started cartoon dubbing. He also introduced his voice for many Turkish films and documentaries. In addition, his vocalization is used in many advertising campaigns such as; National Geographic, Animal Planet Documentaries, TRT Documentaries, City Documentaries, Turkish Presidency of Religious Affairs, the meaning of the Quran, Turkey Journal of saint’s series, Prime Minister's Corporate Presentation Films and Ad Campaigns. He also possesses more than 19 years of experience working in the media.

Also, vocalized many movies, like Vanilla Sky, 007 James Bond, The Bounty, Underground, Interview with the Vampire, A Perfect World, A Father For Brittany,  Trapped, Problem Child, Taxi 2, Police Academy, The Haunting, Ransom, The Siege, The Matrix, Mr. Brooks.


He has bachelor degrees in Media and Communication and in Public Administration. He has been studying Master of St. Clements University since 2013.


In 2000, he was awarded the 3rd Young Journalist Award. In 2003, he received the ODTU University Group 2000 years Golden Men Award. In 2004, the Department of Culture and Tourism Best 1st best written and read poem and also, the Frekans Magazine Best Anchorman Award. In 2006, he was the honoured recipient of the Best Young Anchorman Award from the Turkish National Journalist Society. Yusuf Baykal Bozkurt has written and published three books: "Golgeler Diyarında Aşk", "Ben Ben miyim?" and   "Yalnızlık."

Currently, he is the Broadcast Journalist at ILAC Canada and News Reporter and Journalist correspondent in Toronto.


Journalist & Digital Content Producer, ILAC; Toronto, Canada | 2016 - Present 

News Anchor, Al Jazeera Turk-Cine5TV; Istanbul, Turkey | 2009–2016

Voiceover Institution, Prime Ministry Turkish Republic; Ankara, Turkey | 2007–2014

Turkish Diction, Articulation teacher, Art Academy; Istanbul, Turkey  | 2008–2012

News Anchor, News Reporter TVNET; Istanbul, Turkey   | 2007–2008

News Reporter, ATV; Istanbul, Turkey   | 2006–2007

Voiceover Artist, Karnaval Media Group; Istanbul, Turkey   | 2004–2007

Voiceover Artist, Kral FM Radio; Istanbul, Turkey   | 2002–2004

News Anchor, Star TV Media Group; Istanbul, Turkey   | 2000–2003

Dubbing Actor, Turkish radio, and Television Corporation; Istanbul  | 1996–1999